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November 19, 2016 Sale Catalog NOW Available

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Next Sale:  March 18, 2017



Northeast Arkansas Angus Association Fall Sale

Charlotte, Arkansas

Sale Date: 11/19/2016


Auctioneer: Jarvene Shackelford

Mgr: American Livestock Brokers

API Rep: Mark Sims







42 Bulls                             





93 Females                       





22 Open Heifers                 





15 Bred Heifers                  





30 Pairs                              





8 Split Pairs                      





17 Bred Cows                    





1 Open Cows                         





135 Reported Sale Total 








Lot 28 Copeland Thunderbird 515C $4,200

Buyer: Buck Rick - Tulsa, OK

Sire Name: S A V Thunderbird 9061

Seller: Copeland Angus Ranch, Paragould AR


Lot 25 TBAR EXAR Cowboy T88B $4,100

Buyer: 310 Cattle Pen, Searcy, AR

Seller: T-BAR Angus Ranch, Tecumseh, MO


Lot 27 B C A Reserve’s Deal $4,000

Buyer: Zinser Farms, Morrilton, AR

Seller: Big Creek Angus, Paragould, AR


Lot 24 Copeland Dambreaker 518C $3,700

Buyer: Buck Rich, Tulsa, OK

Seller: Copeland Angus Ranch, Paragould, AR


Lot 11 B S Mr Heavy Stack - $3,600

Buyer: Zinser Farms, Morrilton, GA

Seller: Charles “Buddy” Smith, Paragould, AR



TOP BRED HEIFER             

Lot 148  LakeView Eva’s Power 406 $4,100

Buyer: Diamond T Farms - Wasola, MO

Sire Name: PA Power Tool 9108

Seller: Lakeview Farms, Powhatan AR


Lot 51 Foster Lady Jaye C05 $3,300

Buyer: Belle Point Ranch, Fort Smith, AR

Seller: Foster Angus Ranch, Paragould, AR


OPEN HEIFERS Lot 78 AF Miss Black Granite 716 $3,800

Buyer: Faith Taylor, Choctaw, AR

Seller: Asher Farms, Pomona, AR


Lot 81 Checkerhill Forever Lady 553  $3,500

Buyer: Stephen Mahan, Center Ridge, AR

Seller: Checkerhill Angus, West Plains, MO

TOP FALL PAIR Lot 67  Hickory Hill Blackbird 120 $5,100.00


Buyer: Ronald Graham - Henderson, AR

Sire Name: Connealy Stimulus 8419

Seller: Hickory Hill Angus, West Plains MO


Lot 116 DHT 600 Denver Lady 751 $5,000

Buyer: Brentwood Farms, Winslow, AR

Seller: Twisted Fork Angus Farms, Collierville, TN


Lot 64 Hickory Hill Missy 227 $4,600

Buyer: Broken T Angus, Pomona, MO

Seller: Hickory Hill Angus, West Plains, MO


Lot 66 Hickory Hill Erica 231  $4,600

Buyer: Diamond T Farms, Wasola, MO

Seller: Hickory Hill Angus, West Plains, MO


Lot 65 Hickory Hill Erica 222 $4,300

Buyer: Bennett’s Bayou Angus Farm, Henderson, AR

Seller: Hickory Hill Angus, West Plains, MO


TOP SPRING PAIRS Lot 56 BUBS Tyra 18Z $6,350

Cow: $6,350 Calf: $2,250

Buyer: Stephen Mahan, Center Ridge, AR

Seller: Bub Ranch, Koshkonong, MO


Lot 101 Appalachian Lady A112 $ 5,700

Cow: $3,250 Calf: $1,450

Buyer: Brentwood Farms, Winslow, AR

Seller: Appalachian Cattle, Sommerville, TN



TOP BRED COW Lot 76 A F Forward’s Blackbird 308 $ 3,550

Buyer: Stephen Mahan, Center Ridge, AR

Seller: Asher Farms, Pomona, MO


Lot 68 Fulper Twilight 003 $3,100

Buyer: Ron Smith, Gilmer, TX

Seller: Fulper Angus Farm, Booneville, MS


Standing room only.  Tremendous crowd.  Buyers from six states: AR, MO, MS, TN, TX, OK



Attention Juniors!
At all sales we have a drawing for five (5) each $100 certificates to be used towards any animal bought.


To the association member donors and semen vendor donors who make our junior programs possible.  It is their donations that are auctioned at every sale that provide the funds needed to create these special junior programs.

The representatives of these companies can be contacted at any time for any breeding needs:

ABS - Big Branch Breeders Service - Tom Murray - 501-316-3536

Accelerated Genetics   - Mary Ann Brown -  870-204-2424

Genex Cooperative      - Mike Fountain  - 870-715-9688


LakeView Farms - Christina Spencer - 870-878-6939 or 870-809-0910

Southeast Select Sires - Terry M. Brown 870-204-2425


TMB Breeding Services -  Terry M. Brown 870-204-2425


Vita Ferm - Hayden Taylor  870-710-0422

Sale Averages (2000 - 2015)
Historical sale averages can be viewed by clicking the below link.

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Sale Manager

American Livestock Brokers
We are privilaged to depend on American Livestock brokers to manage our sales for two decades.  Their Professionalism and knowledge of the business has enhanced the success of our sales.  They can be contacted at any time from either potential buyers or consigners. 
email link:
Telephone Numbers:

Phone: (662) 837-4904
Mobile: (662) 837-1776

Mailing Address:

Jarvene Shackelford
20971 Highway 4, East
Ripley,  MS  38663